CATCH won ECHORD++ Best Picture Award at Automatica 2018

 "The winner of the ECHORD++ Best Picture Award of the Experiments Call2 goes to... CATCH - our Cucumber Harvesting Experiment!"

This year we have participated the ECHORD++ Best Picture Award selecting the following picture that should in a best way illustrate the project goals and developments.

The pictures have been rated in the categories: originality, entertaiment and technical quality. Originality means: is the picture showing something that has never been seen before? Does it show what makes your experiment unique? Does it show maybe something weird or counter-intuitive, something people will recognize as an amazing peace of technology?

And we were very lucky that our picture got highest score from the jury (a professional photograph has also been involved) and to win the Oscar for the Best Picture at the ceremony on the ECHORD++ booth at AUTOMATICA 2018.

As wining team we were also granted with a beam+telepresence robot (

We really enjoyed to be at AUTOMATICA 2018 with the ECHORD++ team (watch more on

More impressions about our demonstrator and visitors feedbacks are coming soon.


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