CATCH Workshop Review

The CATCH Workshop I held on 6.12.2016 at ATB in Potsdam with representative cucumber cropper and producers from predominant agricultural areas in Germany (Bayern and Brandenburg) have contributed to critically evaluate the initial concepts and modules design, as well as initial testing plan.

The following points relevant to the system and modules concepts and experiment plans have been considered:

  • The adopted low-priced concepts, based on reconfigurable and modular technology are very suitable from the end-user view (the costs of the final systems should be between 10-20 T€);
  • Cucumber-flyers concepts should also be applicable for the robotic systems;
  • Estimated goal productivity estimation 10-12 cucumbers/ min is quite promising and applicable;
  • The preliminary localization results require further improvements in order to reach faster detection at higher rates;
  • The differentiation of cucumber dimension (avoiding the picking the fruits under some limit sizes) should also be applied;
  • The best CLIP action algorithm for robotic applications is still not clear and should be further investigated. The best manual practice approaches from different location demonstrate different strategies. Avoiding fruit and stem injuries is relevant to minimize damages by released cucumber enzymes.
  • By the genetic research and developments the crops can be influenced to provide more faster and robust fruit detection and localization (e.g. by reducing the leaves density and stem characteristics)

As a conclusion a big interest of all end-users for the CATCH robotic technology and experiments, identified as feasible and promising approach for solving critical problems related to the high labour costs and availability of manual workers, as well as ergonomic safety, has been expressed. All participants have mentioned interest to actively follow and contribute by experience CATCH developments using CATCH-blog and planned presentations and meeting according to the elaborate experiments plan.


Maurice Gohlke (Bosch Deepfield Robotics) - 

Dragoljub Surdilovic (Fraunhofer IPK) - PDF (1), PDF (2)

Roemi Fernández (CISC) - PDF

Jelena Surdilovic (ATB Potsdam) - PDF


  1. CATCH is a promising technology that will be helpful is resolving the critical problems and issue of high costs of labour. I hope that it would soon become more main stream.


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